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LSM6DS0 interrupt configuration issues

Question asked by Scott Lohr on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Scott Lohr
I need help to configure the interrupt, specifically for a 6d orientation interrupt.
I have working as needed a light touch interrupt on any axis, but I also need sometimes to configure to interrupt only on a transition from out of the cone of z-positive then into that cone.
I cannot find any explanation in the LSM6DS0 data sheet, nor any application note. I do see app note for LSM6DS3 here:
But that does not help for this LSM6DS0

Also to note that I have both of these interrupts working on a LSM303D part.
For both interrupts on LSM6DS0, I configure for 10-Hz and 2-g.
For light touch on any axis, I set this:
INT_GEN_THS_xyz_XL = 8

The above works to generate light touch on any axis.

For orientation interrupt on z-axis, I've tried many different THS and DUR values, many different permutations with INT_GEN_CFG_XL as 0xD0, 0xE0, and so on.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.