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STM32F427 firmware upgrade process

Question asked by poshtiw.harsh on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by Clive One
Hi All,

I would like to get started on firmware upgrade process. I have a following questions on the same.

1) My target board (STM32F427) has 1MB of flash, and 256 KB of external ram. At present, we run program from flash (we selected the option while creating a project using GreenHill tools).
The image size on STM32F427 is around 700KB. I would like to upgrade the STM32F427 software using RS232 as well as using USB.
What are the things I will have to worry about? Do I must have bootloader? and Do I need to modify the bootloader and implement the flash_erase/flash_write utilities in the same?  Do I need to worry about any other things which I might have missed?

Is there any document that would provide me insight to this? I think this must be pretty standard procedure since most of you are using the STM32 for a while.