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Connecting iNEMO v2 Board UART to Bluetooth

Question asked by Reddy.Harinadha on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by Reddy.Harinadha
Dear all,

I have STEVAL-MKI062V2, I could be able to compile code using IAR EW. There is COM connector for the board ( UART2 pins of STM32), jumper J4. ST says,
Note: J4 does not offer any transceiver; it is directly connected to the microcontroller pins. As this prevents any overload/over-voltage on these pins.Moreover, J4 connector also provides a 3.3 V pin which can be used to supply a RS232 transceiver. Sinking too much current from this pin could damage the board.

I want to connect J4 of iNEMO to the UART bluetooth module for wireless connection to PC.
I have Bluetooth Mate Gold from Sparkfun  which has the following electrical connection for Arduino based AHRS module

I sketched electrical connections to J4 of iNEMO below. I'm not sure to go with this because I'm afraid iNEMO may be damaged.

If the above connection wrong, please any one here suggest me a way to make iNEMO wireless, using the same bluetooth module mentioned above.