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STEVAL-IME002V2(HM301D) evaluation board settings for PC application(EDEN)

Question asked by k_r.devnandan.002 on Oct 26, 2016
I'm using a  STEVAL-IME002V2 single lead ECG evaluation board. I do not use the ECG DB 15 connector, instead i make use of the RL,LA and RA leads in the board to connect the electrodes. I'm trying to get the heartbeats, as ECG signal waveform is not fully required for my project. currently i'm using only 3 electrodes(RL,LA,RA). Please help me with the settings through  which i can  get the heartbeats in the PC application (Eden application), which is provided with he evaluation board.I need to know the deafult settings of the board from which i can get heartbeats in eden application.