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LSM303DLM Data Calculations

Question asked by burlington.dave on Mar 26, 2012
Not sure where to post questions on the LSM303DLM, so I posted here.

I am currently using a LSM303DLM in my product and I have wrote libraries to read and calculation the x,y,z axis acceleration and the x,y,z magnetometer. Right now the accelerometer data is working correctly for measure tilt, however the magnetometer data is not calculating correctly for the ecompass. I was wondering if anyone has the some insight into this and could help me out. Also if someone has some raw data and can show me the calculations through the steps to calculate the proper compass heading it may help me find what I am doing wrong. I have read the app notes and tried to implement it, but something is not working right.

Any help right now it appreciated!

Thanks in advance!