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STA311B Mix#1 Issues

Question asked by Ethier.Stephane.001 on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by zhao.yuntao
On power up, I want to be able to initialize various registers and also the coefficient RAM to set things like the MIX#1 coefficients, however I found something strange.

When the STA311B is released from reset (RESET is high), there is a delay that I measured of 19 seconds that the input mixers read as follows:

From the APWorkbench log viewer:
Command ->CRA 1A0
Result ->scriptEvent():     Coef[1A0h:1A4h]=>000000h, 000000h, 000000h, 000000h, 400000h

Which is incorrect according the the datasheet. This means that channel 1 input mixer 1 is set to 0x000000 which is not correct, it should be 0x7FFFFF.

After 19 seconds, eventually the result is right:
Command ->CRA 1A0
Result ->scriptEvent():     Coef[1A0h:1A4h]=>7FFFFFh, 000000h, 000000h, 000000h, 000000h

The problem I am experiencing is that until 19 seconds has passed, I can not set the mixers to a values that I require! Even setting this value from the GUI seems to work, but reading back the value is wrong. Once 19 seconds has passed, then I can read the default value, and then change this value to my required value.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone else reproduce this?

Attached is my configuration file. Note that I have an external microcontroller settings all these values. I am reading these back using the Read All function in APWorkbench.