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LSM6DS3 gyro data is off by about 15% of what I expect

Question asked by wild.scott on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by rortveit.oyvind


I am trying to get accurate gyro data out of the LSM6DS3, but my results are about 15% off of what I expect.  My test setup is a PASCO scientific Rotary Motion Sensor (RMS) with a LSM6DS3 mounted on top of it.

I configured the LSM6DS3 such that full scale +/-32767 is mapped to +/- 1000 dps.  I then rotated the RMS and LSM6DS3  at 366 dps (as measured from the RMS) and the LSM6DS3 gyro reported a z-axis rotational value of 10173.

My calculated gyro z-axis rotational velocity for this value is  10173 counts * (1000 dps / 32767 counts) = 310 dps.

Why is the gyro reporting 310 dps when it is being rotated at 366 dps?  What is the guaranteed accuracy of the gyro?

Thank you
Scott Wild