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L6470 MIN_SPEED register

Question asked by vlasic.igor on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by Enrico Poli

Description of this Register is confusing me all the way.
It is written:
"When the LSPD_OPT bit is set high, the low speed optimization feature is enabled and the
MIN_SPEED value indicates the speed threshold below which the compensation works. In
this case the minimum speed of the speed profile is set to zero.

So, what i did is set the MIN_SPEED at zerro and set the LSPD_OPT high.
But somehow i dont see any difference.

I am running at low Speed and low voltage.
The Speed where i want that compesation will be active is 2,228 steps/sec

On one Hand it is written that min_speed is a treshold below which the compesation works and at the other Hand ist written that Setting LSPD_OPT hight will set this value to zerro.

So which Value schould I set at MIN_SPEED so that my stepper can run at 2,228 steps/sec and have the compensation working?