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HTS221 High failure rate in high degree (+80 degree C )

Question asked by alex on Sep 26, 2016
We manufactured 200 PCS sensor base on HTS221,
Now when we test them,
Some of them will stop working when they reach up to 80-90 degree C
Base on Datasheet, it works in -40 to +120.
How they stop working :
Some will report invalid degree and it will remain constant.
Some will not answer to I2C.
and so on.
We used SF2 cap, and it's inside the enclosure, so there is no chance for temperature shock.

We used our custom heater for +70/+80/+90 degree C adjustment and testing.
One of them failed while it was on the back of the car window, In direct sun.

Any suggestion ?
Does ST test all of the sensors for full temperature/humidity range ?