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LSM6DS0 - Issues in Inclinometer angles calculated

Question asked by karthik on Feb 9, 2016
Hi, I have been using the STEVAL-MKI161V1 evaluation board fitted with a LSM6DS0 module. I am able to replicate the angle calculation used in the UNICO software provided along with the kit using this Angle computation method and a complementary filter approach mentioned here. However these are following issues that were unaddressed in the software provided, and my questions are 

(i) The angle being measured in this method(used in UNICO) always gives angle in the range -90 to +90 degrees. Without knowing the full range its hard to map the object in 3D. So How to map the range obtained to -180 to +180 degrees?? 

(ii) If the module is rotated around the z axis, no matter what there is no big change in the angles, its being the same values. why is that so??