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Question asked by unnati on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2017 by David Koudela
I am using HTS221 for humidity and temperature measurement.

On reading the registers for temperature and converting as per the equation suggested, i get the correct temperature.

but on reading the registers for humidity and converting as per the equation suggested, humidity
obtained is not correct.

the register values read are as follows:

H0_T0_OUT = 9
H1_T0_OUT = -10540
H0_RH_X2 = 53
H1_RH_X2 = 132

when humidity is measured in a controlled environment with different known humidities, the HTS221 measured humidity varies +/- 5 % within the range 26.5 % to 66% humidity(which is calibrated range of sensor), but outside the range that is lower than 26.5% and higher than 66%  variation of 10 to 20% humidity is seen.

kindly help to get the correct humidity.