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ST25 Android app SendInterrupt bug

Question asked by Martin Davey on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Martin Davey

I have downloaded the source code for the ST25 demo Android app (1.0.2), and have found a bug with the SendInterrupt command in

// SendInterrupt command
// On receiving the SendInterrupt command the M24SR generates a negative pulse on the GPO pins
// /!\ System file shall be selected by issuing the System Select command before
 static final byte[] m24sr7816STSendInterrupt = new byte[]{
                                                                (byte) 0xA2,(byte) 0xD6, // CAS , INS
                                                                (byte) 0x00,(byte) 0x01, // P1  , P2
                                                                (byte) 0x00

However, P2 should be 0x1E as per M24SRxx datasheets.