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LPS25HB zero RPDS values, solder issue or faulty sensor

Question asked by curtis.cathal on Sep 7, 2016
We have been using the LPS25HB in one of our designs.
We have an LPS25HB device (soldered onto a flexible flat cable) and a second one, that we use to measure the absolute ambient pressure (soldered onto a PCB), The device on the flexi-cable is not reading the same value when open to ambient. The difference is -8mmHg, ie flexi cable is 8mmHg below the ambient.

How can I tell what is causing this difference?
I have read about the effects of soldering. 
I have also read about the factory trimmed calibration that should appear in the RPDS registers. When I read the RPDS on both sensors I get values of 0x00, 0x00 for each sensor.
What values should I expect in RPDS, given that each sensor is factory calibrated?
I have read about the effects of soldering, but how can I confirm that this is the root cause of the -8mmHg in this case?