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weird temperature coefficient of LIS3DH

Question asked by wang.qi.006 on Apr 1, 2014

I have a design using the 3-axis accelerometer LIS3DH and during the thermal cycling test I noticed an "issue" on one of the 3 sensors I put in the chamber.
The temperature coefficient of that sensor changes a lot during thermal cycles, depending on if the temperature is increasing or decreasing (see the curve attached).
I know MEMS sensors may have fairly big TC but I would assume it's relatively constant so it could be compensated. Besides the TC issue the sensor seems still working properly.  I'm wondering if it's normal or actually something was going wrong.

Attached please find the TC vs Temp curve showing the problem.
Test conditions:
chamber temp settings: -40C,5C,30C,65C,30C,5C ( each step lasts for 2 hours, whole cycle takes 12 hours  )
sensor stays still during the test