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How CAN Filter Work on Pictus

Question asked by chu.sandiage on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by Erwan Y
I am testing CAN filtering Function on SPC560P,But am not clear about how CAN Mask working.
Configure as following:
Rx ID =0, Rx Individual Mask = 0xFFFFFF8; BCC = 1; From my understanding, then the CAN Node can Receive ID from 0  to 7, but cannot , only still can receive ID = 0; stop at
BUF00 Rx Flag checked;
But , when I set Rx Individual Mask = 0; all CAN ID can be received (stop at BUF00 Rx Flag checked);
So, How the CAN ID Mask Working?
 CAN_0.RXIMR[0].R = 0xFFFFFFF8; /*Rx Individual Mask*/
  CAN_0.BUF[0].ID.B.STD_ID = 0x0; /*Rx ID = 0*/
/*Check ID Receive*/

  if(1== CAN_0.IFRL.B.BUF00I){
   CAN_0.IFRL.B.BUF00I = 1;
    // rx completed