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Some questions about the BlueNRG

Question asked by lugovyh.vladislav on Aug 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by Marchese.Graziella

   Hello! We would like to ask you some questions about the processor BlueNRG.

1. How can I check the board STEVAL-IDB003V1 with the methodology of applying BLUENRG_GUL described in the document DM00099259?

 I do the following:

- connect STEVAL-IDB003V1 to USB of the PC;

-  chose the appeared port, push the button “OPEN”;

- chose the command in the column ACI command;

- send the command with the button SEND.

Thus I realize the algorithm of the handheld translating  of commands  accordingly DM00099259:


5.3.1 Initialization


-  BLUEHCI_GAP_INIT (Role=0x01)

5.3.2 Add  service and characteristics


   Service_UUID_16=0xA001, Service_Type=0x01, Max_Attributes_Records=0x06)

– BLUEHCI_GATT_ADD_CHAR (Service_Handle=0x0010,

   Char_UUID_Type=0x01, Char_UUID_16=0xA002, Char_Value_Length=10,

   Char_Properties=0x1A, Security_Permissions=0x00, GATT_Evt_Mask=0x01,

   Enc_Key_Size=0x07, Is_Variable=0x01)

5.3.3 Set security requirements


   OOB_Enable=0, OOB_Data=0, Min_Encryption_Key_Size=7,

   Max_Encryption_Key_Size=16, Use_Fixed_Pin=0, Fixed_Pin=123456,


5.3.4 Enter connectable mode

– BLUEHCI_GAP_SET_DISCOVERABLE (Advertising_Type=0x00,

  Advertising_Interval_Min=0x800, Advertising_Interval_Max=0x900,

  Own_Address_Type=0x00, Advertising_Filter_Policy=0x00,

  Local_Name_Length=0x08, Local_Name='\x08BlueNRG',

  Service_UUID_Length=0x00, Service_UUID_List=0x00,




Then I control the process according to the confirming  5.3.5:

 Connection with central device:

«Once BlueNRG is put in a discoverable mode, it can be seen by a central device in  

scanning. Any Bluetooth smart and smart-ready device can connect to BlueNRG, such as a

smartphone. LightBlue is one of the applications in the Apple store for iPhone®

4S/5  and  later versions of Apple’s iPhone».

I search of the devices on the isolated PC which is not connected with STEVAL-IDB003V1. Open Bluetooth and look for the devices in the zone of the Bluetooth net. As checking and searching device we apply ASUS USB-BT400 adapter with the supporting of Bluetooth 4.0.

But the device STEVAL-IDB003V1 is not found after doing actions 5.3.1-5.3.4.

Why is it happened? What is done incorrectly?  

 Besides that the experiment was doing by other way: into the board NUCLEO-L152RE the firmware BlueNRG_VCOM_1_3_Nucleo.hex was loaded, and into the board STEVAL-IDB00

3V1 the firmware BlueNRG_VCOM_1_3.hex was loaded, then the commands were done into

BLUENRG_GUI for the 1-st and 2-nd devices separately, but nothing was found between the boards and the device ASUS USB-BT400 adapter - has found nothing either.

 Where can be a problem? Do I carry out the algorithm of actions correctly?


2.  In the BLUENRG_GUI there are commands HCI TEST and their description is done in Bluetooth core specification 4.0, Volume 2, Part E,  Chapter 7.

But how can I use them for testing in BLUENRG_GUI? What is the order of actions?

Need I connect in the Com Terminal?

What information must appear if the test is done successfully?

What firmware must be in the Server-device and Slave-device in order to carry out the HCI TEST on  the Bluetooth connection?    


3. Which way should I use the program code BLE_Chat?

The text for the client and server is identical.

How should I find Master and Slave?

In the document DM00099259:


6.2.1 Initialization there are the directives  on the putting of the commands:


• BLE Chat, “Server” role:

– BLUEHCI_GAP_INIT(Role=0x01): peripheral.

BLE Chat, “Client role:

– BLUEHCI_GAP_INIT(Role=0x03): central.


Does it mean that I must open 1-st and 2-nd devices in the BLUENRG_GUI and put these commands  if I want to use code BLE_Chat?

Need I in BLUENRG_GUI put any commands 6.2.2-6.2.5?

Should I understand that commands 6.2.2-6.2.5 are absolutely realized in the firmware and these items are done just for information but not for using in BLUENRG_GUI? 

If I choose in BLUENRG_GUI the appeared port, push the button “Open” and send the commands then the Com port for the connection with the device is busy.

How then can I watch data on the using of firmware BLE_Chat  in the program  Com Terminal? Because Com Terminal can not open the same port if it is already opened in BLUENRG_GUI?