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LIS3DH Click Interrupt

Question asked by raffucci.jose on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by sdt99
The data sheet makes no explicit mention of a way to force this interrupt to latch and clear when the CLICK_SRC register is read (like the INT1_CFG registers can).

App note AN3308 states that this behavior can be achieved by setting the LIR bit in the TAP_CFG register.  However, this bit is not documented in the data sheet.  Another, similar part perhaps?

I'm seeing the interrupt hold for the duration of the CLICK_LATENCY period as expected but would like to clear this sooner as I'm using the data ready signal on the same line.  Is there anything I can do to accomplish this?  I'm sampling at a fairly low data rate (10hz) so shortening the latency period is not an option.  I am using an OEM board that does not have INT2 hooked up.