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Accelerometer LSM303DLHC-Interrupt is not working properly

Question asked by sayyed.amreen on Mar 21, 2014


I am using accelerometer LSM303DLHC.

I have made following settings:-

1)      2g mode and data rate of 25Hz in normal mode.

2)      All configuration register set as per initial requirement of accelerometer.

3)       Interrupt on INT1 pin is set. For this CTRL_REG3_A is set to 0x40 value .

4)      Threshold sets at 25 in INT1_THS_A register.

5)      And  INT1_CFG_A  is set to 0x0A (interrupt on X and y Axis high event)

After interrupt occurred measured all axis data and INT1_SRC_A register to know for what reason interrupt occurred.

One reading from it is as

X: FF00


Z: 39D0


INT1_SRC_A indicates that X,Y and Z high event occurred.

1)      I have set only X and y then how Z is calculated?

2)      X high event mean what? Whether it is interrupt in positive axis or in higher byte of x?

Or it is the event when data crossing above and below the threshold line.

3)      How to calculate data in terms of g from hex value of registers OUT_X_L_A, OUT_X_H_A, OUT_Y_L_A, OUT_Y_H_A, OUT_Z_L_A, and OUT_Z_H_A?

4)      What is INT1_DURATION_A? Is it the duration for which X, Y or Z value should be above threshold then only interrupt will occur?

5)      Is there any document which clarifies above points? If ye please refer the document.