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STA321MPL : changed in new IC's version?

Question asked by Phan.Le_Son on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by zhao.yuntao
I bought STA321MPL 2 times: 1st times with the label on chip:  "9912D VJ MYS 11 237 "
                                                2nd times with the label on chip:  "990R4 VJ MYS 99 532"

Unfortunately, all STA321MPL from the 2nd times (a week ago) are 
not working with my board and my firmware.I can write and read its register via I2C, but there is no output signal: LRCKO, SDO12, SDO34, SDO56. 

For STA321MPL with the label in IC : "9912D VJ MYS 11 237 ",  I bought in the first time a year ago , they can work perfectly with my board and my firmware. 

Do you know what is different between 2 versions of STA321MPL? 
how can I fix the issue or how I can buy  STA321MPL  witn the label "9912D VJ MYS 11 237".

Thank you!