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LSM9DS0 Gyro Reading Issue

Question asked by lowen.john on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by porr.bernd
I have a LSM9DS0 that I am trying to get operational. My I2C is working since I can read the correct values for both WHO_AM_I registers. I can also read back a control register and the data read matches what was written. The Gyro readings are not stable and don't look correct. I am operating in fifo bypass mode. I've disabled two of the axes via the control register and those axes continue to update and move around. I would think that there would not be any updates to a disabled axis. I am oring the function register with a 0x80 for a multibyte read and I believe that the I2C is working. Should the disable axes be moving on me? Are there any configuration items that can cause this kind of behavior?