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BlueNRG is not discoverable

Question asked by szeman.gabor on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by Marchese.Graziella
Dear ST,

I have an STEVAL-IDB002V1 devboard and a custom board with a BlueNRG chip and a Freescale MCU.

I can succesfully create a connection with BlueNRG GUI and the devboard. If I use the same commands in the same order with my custom board there will be nothing shown on the "Add bluetooth device" form in Windows. However I get the same (success) reply packages from the chip.

I attached the IFR sector of the BNRG chip (from the custom board).

·         FXTAL: 16MHz
·         SXTAL: 32.768kHz
·         Power supply: SMPS (provides stable 1.4V)
What do I miss?

Thank you for your answer!