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[Solved]DPSI MOSI problem

Question asked by chu.sandiage on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by chu.sandiage
when I use DSPI , I send two frames 16bits per frame, and I monitor that there is a pulse inter frame on MOSI pin (suppose I send two frames  0x00000000 ), it is very strange , I checked step and step,when I set MOSI pin as SIU.PCR[38].R=0x0604 or 0x06xx; MOSI will change to high value;
So I guess the interframe high level shown is due to MOSI return to default value high.
But can I set default value of MOSI as low level value ?
--Note , there is no external pull up on MOSI , and when I configure MOSI as output low , the pin still show highlevel.