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Discrepancies between eDesignSuite and Datasheet of A6985F5V and A6986F5V

Question asked by hwang.sungwook.002 on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by Patrizia Bellitto
There are discrepancies between eDesignSuite and datasheet of A6985F5V and A6986F5V.  So I've submitted ST support team for this issue. They said that datasheet is correct. Please refer to TECH022521.
Please correct bandwidth and switching frequecy of eDesignSuite A6985F5V and A6986F5V model.

Datasheet: bandwidth -> less than min(fsw/6, 150kHz)        
eDesignSuite: bandwidth -> less than min(fsw/12, 150kHz) 

Datasheet: switching frequency -> 435kHz                 
eDesignSuite: switching frequency -> 450kHz