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HTS221 - TR - Correct Temp Data not found

Question asked by iyer.abhilash on Jul 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by Lagadec.Jean

I am trying to access the HTS221 (TR) Temperature Humidity sensor.

Firstly, the driver code of this sensor provided by ST Microelectronics states that the I2C address is 0xBE but I had been trying that address for a while and it did not work. Whereas on pinging the I2C port with different addresses, I understood that the sensor I2C address is 0x5F. So, I am using 0x5F address to access all the registers of the sensor. 

Secondly, Following are the temperature data that I can getting from the calibration registers: 

T0_OUT = -258
T0_degC = 21C
T1_OUT = 2570
T1_degC = 35.63
T_OUT = 30840    // this value looks too high 

On conversion, the room temperature comes to be 181C. which is definitely wrong. You mentioned about trimming the values in one of the discussion, please let me know about it.

Thirdly, the driver for HTS221 keeps multiplying T0_degC & T1_degC by 10, I dont understand the reason for that. Can you elaborate on that? The datasheet mentions that T0_degC is 8*(10 bit T0_degC), nowhere 10 was mentioned. Please let me know about it. 

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