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STM Flash Loder Demonstrator 2.6.0 & Win8 Bug

Question asked by felix on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by felix

there seems to be a bug with the flash loader GUI and win.8 / 8.1 and some MCU's bootloader.

i have a STM32F050 here and when i try to connect to the bootloader with the flash loder tool it goes to the "remove protection" screen after connecting. but when i uninstall and re install the flash loader demonstrator it workes on the first start. 
same problem as here:

with windosw XP it workes well everytime.. so i think there is just one config or registry entery changed after the first run. i searched for it but dont find it now :/ 

.. maybe someone knows where the flash loder saves it's config in windows8?

edit: maybe also important.. with a stm32f103 it workes perfect on windows 8