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L7987LTR only provides 0.5 A max current rather than 2 A.

Question asked by Jafari.Alex on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2016 by Jafari.Alex

I would like to use L7987LTR in a few designs. The datasheet of the IC says its able to provide 2 A current however I can only measure 0.5 A. I have tested the schematics in 3 different layouts and layouts all seem to be good but all have the same behaviour. This makes me believe the problem is not in layout.
Moreover, I have tried a few differnet inductors (10uH) and diodes but I only measure 0.5 A output current. What am doing wrong? why does not the IC provide more current?
Thank you for you time in advance. 
L2 = NR8040T100M (3.1A 44.2 mOhm Max ), LQH43PN100M26L, 744045100
D5 = NRVTS260ESFT1G (650mV @ 2A), B340B-13-F (500mV @ 3A)
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