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Change XOSC speed and settings

Question asked by Aurelien.Leclercq on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by Erwan Y
on SPC56EL60, I'm using an external 16MHz XTAL so I changed the "XOSC Clock" value in the configuration (default is 40MHz). I'm getting the error:
"SPC5_FMPLL0_VCO_CLK outside acceptable range (SPC5_FMPLLVCO_MIN...SPC5_FMPLLVCO_MAX)"

To solve this I have to modify SPC5_FMPLL0_IDF_VALUE and SPC5_FMPLL0_NDIV_VALUE value's that are used to calculate SPC5_FMPLL0_VCO_CLK.

These defines are code generated and I can't find them in the application config. Can you please explain how the setup the clock peripheral and keep the overide values unchanged while regenerating code?

Thank you