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Continuously interact with M24SR

Question asked by kazola on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by JP Miller

I was wondering how can I interact with the M24SR in a continuous manner.

I mean, now I can write and read the NDEF in my M24SR with my mobile phone, that is nice. On the other side, I also have a MCU attached to the M24SR tag. 

However, for my phone to read what something I have just written, I have to separate the phone and the M24SR tag, and place them near again.

I was wondering how can I interact as fast as possible with the M24SR.

For example, I would like to write some number using my phone to my M24SR tag (ex: '4'). Once written, the GPO pin flags this to the attached MCU I have. The MCU reads the fresh new NDEF content, adds '1' to the content, and it writes back '5' to the M24SR tag. Then, the mobile phone, without the need for separating them, reads back the result of the operation.

Can this be done with M24SR? I guess there is something I can toggle to simulate a separation between M24SR and mobile phone. Maybe some command send by the MCU through the I2C interface? Or maybe I could toggle something on the Android phone side?

Please let me know your suggestions, and have a nice day.