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Off-board antenna design

Question asked by tal.ram on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Peter Boringer
Hi, for our application we must use an off-board antenna, which will be a PCB antenna and will be connected via coaxial cables to CR95HF IC.
As I see it, the matching components should be located on the antenna side (on PCB) and on the CR95HF and host MCU should be just the connectors straight to the Rx1, Rx2, Tx1, Tx2 lines. Am I correct? does it sounds right to connect both PCB's by those 50 ohms coax cables?
And a not related questions-
1. why there are two Rx inputs and two Tx outputs in the IC?
2. which i/f is used in the CR95HF Demo board, SPI or UART?