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LPS22HB - One shot mode problem

Question asked by Vadim on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by lexdo
I try to get the pressure data in One shot mode.

I read the state of
Reg Who am I (0Fh)=B1h

Ctrl_Reg1 (10h)=00h,
Ctrl_Reg2 (11h) =10h,
then I write to Ctrl_Reg2< 11h, to provide One Shot Mode,

Now continuous reading of this Ctrl_Reg2(11h) = 11h (no reset bit OneShot after conversion)
Reading of Status (27h) =00h
Pressure Data (Regs 2Ah:29h:28h) = 2F6666h
I may only write default value to Ctrl_Reg2 < 10h
Now reading of Ctrl_Reg2=10h, but no changes in Status and Pressure data.
The document
Application note
LPS22HB/LPS25HB digital pressure sensors: hardware guidelines for system integration',
pages 19,20, proposes special procedure for one shot mode, using some CTE bit in Config Reg (43h), but this register is not described in LPS22HB datasheet and it is not clear, what is the number of CTE bit. The result of reading this Reg 43h = 20h