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Configuring LIS3DH

Question asked by nitzan.yohai on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by vieira.artur
I connected LIS3DH in the following way , but the device does'nt give the correct reading. 
        What is wrong with this configuration?
Vin = 3.3V, SPI 4 wires.
I configured the registers with the following string  at SPI:
(command 0x60 , Reg1 0x77, Reg2 0, reg3 0x10, reg 4 0xC8, reg 5 & 6 0.)
I can read this conficuration back and it's stored OK at the device.
I read data by command 0xE8+6 bytes of zero
But the OUT_XY&Z give me wrong values .
 Eg 0xFE,0xA0,0x01,0xA0,0xFD,0x70 0r 0xFE,0x90,0x01,0x90,0xFD,0x40