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Recommended Library for CR95HF on STM32

Question asked by sterbik.marco on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by NFC software support 3

I'm currently starting to add the CR95HF to one of our projects and I'm not sure, which library is recommended to use.
The project itself is using the STM32-HAL drivers for hardware access (and it should stay this way!). The controller is a STM32F071 and the interface is SPI.
The whole thing gets a bit more interesting, as we are going to connect 2 CR95HF to the chip - so ideally the library *should* support this (or should be easy to switch between 2 chips).

What I've found so far:
  • stsw-stm32031
        Seems to be based on the std-periph-lib and implements this directly in the library-code --> selection of the SPI is made through a macro only.
  • stsw-stm8017
        The library used in AN3985 for stm8 controller. Seems to be abstracted relatively clear by some functions for spi-access. But it looks like there is only *normal* support for 1 chip with this library as well (could be made multi-chip enabled by a switcher-function).
Is there anything else I should take a look at?
Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance