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ST1CC40DR - Free wheel diode

Question asked by mohammad.imran.001 on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Patrizia Bellitto
I have been looking for the best buck converter for my project that is to use as constant current source for 1.6Watt laser diode.
While surfing the STmicroelectronics website I got many options for the same. In which I happened to choose the above mentioned IC.
While using the software from the website for the design, for my surprise the software gave me the schematic diagram for my required inputs.
But the problem was, I have not seen any free wheel diode in the schematic. I dont know any buck converter exists without any free wheel diode along with the inductor.

My inputs are 7.4v~8.4v and the diode forward voltage is 4.7v. and the constant current required is 1.8A.

Please clarify my doubt. Thanking you sir,