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L6920D breaks after battery insertion

Question asked by cardani.matteo on Jul 27, 2016
Dear all,
I'm using an L6920d to generate a 3V3 voltage to power up a circuit from 2 alkaline battery. However it happens that sometimes the component breaks after inserting the batteries (its imput impedance go down to 6ohm). This especially happens when the batteries are not fully charged or are not at equal potential. 
The current consumption when it is in normal operation is around 40mA, when the also the buzzer is active, the current consumption is around 150mA.  
On this board I have also two other L6920D to generate 5V and they seem to work fine (the only difference is that the *SHDN is controlled by a microcontroller).
May I have some suggestion from you on how to resolve this issue?
Attached you can find my schematic of the DC/DC converter.
Best regards,