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[M24LR16E] - Question about the WIP/RF BUSY output pin

Question asked by porcarelli.danil.001 on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by ST NFC
Hello to all,
I have a question about the WIP/ RF BUSY pin operations.
In my application I set such pin to indicate a write in progress (namely the WIP function).
The datasheet states that this pin remains low until the RF write process is completed. Next, it comes back to high-z status.
Now I'm a bit confused regarding the definition of a "complete write process". In fact, I expect that the pin is tied low at the beginning of the write, it remains low during the writing of a number n of bytes and finally it return back to high-z status at the end of the process.
The attached file is the screenshot of the WIP/RF BUSY signal obtained during the writing of a small NDEF message (a total of 30 bytes).
The screnshot shows that the pin is tied low and return high several times before completing the write process.
Can someone accurately explain how does the WIP/ RF BUSY pin work?