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Cannot run program "make"

Question asked by Patrik Schantl on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2014 by Patrik Schantl

I installed SPC5 Studio and everything works fine and then after a view hours of working, i can´t build my project any more. I am always getting following error and i don´t know why:

make -j4 all
Cannot run program "make": Launching failed
12:30:14 Build Finished (took 47ms)

I did not change anything in the settings, just using the SPC5 Studio as it is configured after the installation. But this error seems to come up randomly after a while. So i re-installed SPC-Studio several times. After the installation it worked again and I was able to build my projects. But during working on my code a get the same error again and again after a while.

What could be the reason for that error upcoming randomly? I am using the 30days evaluation license from High-Tec.