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STNS01 occasionally getting hot while charging

Question asked by pabst.florian on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by hut
Hi to all,

i implemented the STNS01 on a small wireless sensor. The STNS01 is charging a coin cell type LIR2440. The schematics for the battery charging part of the sensor are attached below.
Usually the charging process works without problems. But a few times i had the problem that the STNS01 produced a lot of heat and the CHG status LED was flashing. Unfortunately i can't tell if the CHG status LED was flashing before the STNS01 was getting hot or if the STNS01 was heating and than the LED started flashing.
When i removed the power supply and let the chip cool down a bit, i was able to do another charing process without problems. The problem that the STNS01 got hot, occured maybe 5 times out of 500 charging processes.
My question is now, why is the STNS01 getting hot sometimes and charging without problems for the rest of the time?
I can't find a reason for this, but i need to eliminate this behavior.

Best Regards