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L6470 & L6472 speed evaluation with unipolar motor

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2014

I evaluated L6470 & L6472 with unipolar not bipolar together.
problem is that motor is not reached about 1500pps. It is stopped with very strong vibration about 1500pps.
because of motor dc24v, I think that current is not sufficent. So I change dc24v to dc36v. but rusult is same.
I apply small mechanical load for vibration. but rusult is same. It is not enough to overcome strong vibration.
L6470 is more vibration thant L6472.
I try to test several different unipolar motor. all motor is same rusult.
So I changed all variable s/w factor(bemf, current, votage), ruslut is same, although all maximum value is appied, result is same.

I have another unipolar driver(SLA7078), SLA7078 driver is good well for all motor, it reach to 160000pps at 1/16 micro step.
about 1500pps, vibration is very little.

With unipolar motor not bipolar, Is L6470 & L6472 not used about 1500pps????
I think that L6479 & L6472 is not used with unipolar motor.
Is there another idea???