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STLINK for STM32F0 Discovery board stopped functioning

Question asked by romaine.just on Jul 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2015 by lissarre.sebastien
Have been playing around with ADC/DAC for my discovery board and the comunications to the debugger suddenly stopped functioning and i can nolonger flash the board or debug.
Strange as it just seemed to give up. I get the slow blinking pre-coms LED but every operation complain of communication errors( e.g. Error: Connect failed, check config and cable connection)

The last program i uploaded to the board still works so its not a general failure.

None of my projects work anymore. The debug setting are the same/have not changed. I feel like there is a corruption in the STLINK firmware on the board.
Is there a way i can reset the board back to its manufacturer defaults?
Is there a way i can attempt to reflash the STLINK firmware?
Is there some other means of diagnosing issues with the debugger?
Any Ideas in general would be welcome.