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SPEAR 1340 PCIE controller FC credits

Question asked by ks.venkatesh on Nov 15, 2016

Is there anyway to know the currently consumed FC credeits versus the available cerdits in the Spear PCIE controller [RC mode].
We are seeing an issue where the system gets external data abort after running for the there is no recovery from this....only way is to hard reboot the system.
Does below information reveal something going wrong in the system.
When I dump the registers I see that
We do see:
AER register showing the completion timeout.
Queue Status Register -> Received Queue Not Empty is set bit 2
Control Register: Master Response Composer Look-up Error is set bit -21
Function: Indicates that an overflow that occurred in a look-up table of the outbound responses.
This indicates that there was a violation for the number of outstanding Non-Posted requests
issued for the inbound direction.

Also in the data sheet I do not see registers that allow us to set credits.

Any help is appreciated here.
I am attaching the register dumps of the pcie controller RC before and after the abort condition.