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How to interface my own disk on STM32CubeMx FatFs ?

Question asked by H.Rick on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Clive One

It's  been a few days for me trying to interface user_diskio.c and I read from UM1721...

page 16 saying :
2.8 Interface your own disk to FatFs
If a working storage control module is available, it should be attached to the FatFs via a glue
function rather than modifying it. User can interface any new disk by developing the
appropriate disk I/O low level driver (mynewdisk_diskio.c/.h), and save these driver files
under: \Middlewares\Third_Party\FatFs\src\drivers.
It is worth noting that the provided FatFs disk I/O low level drivers are dependent on the
board BSP drivers. To remove this BSP dependency the user can just replace “BSP_...”
APIs' calls by his own code ensuring the appropriate functionality.

To develop a disk I/O low level driver from scratch, the user can start from the skeleton of
glue functions below to attach the existing storage control module to the FatFs with a
defined API.
Low level disk I/O module skeleton for FatFs.....

My question is :
Where can I find BSP's API calls ? Which line or statement should I replace, so I can call my function which has been created on user_diskio.c ?