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STM32CubeF1: Debugging USB customHID doesn't work

Question asked by kipp.michael on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by kipp.michael

I've built the 'CustomHID_Standalone' example application for 'STM3210E_EVAL' and want to use it on an STM32F103C8. When I flash the application and connect the device via USB, everything works as expected.

But if I try to debug the very same application, the device doesn't enumerate although there's no breakpoint set. That means: I start a debug session that waits at the beginning of 'main', then I let it run without any breakpoints set so the application is more or less in free-run, but with debugger connected. The device won't enumerate and it won't hit any breakpoint any more.

The same procedure leads to a completely different result on a STM32L151CB ('CustomHID_Standalone' for 'STM32L152D_EVAL'). The USB device enumerates even in a debug session and it hits breakpoints when set.

Can someone tell what is the difference and why behaves the F1 as it does?

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