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Confusion between stm32l1xx_hal_usart.c and stm32l1xx_hal_uart.c

Question asked by lopez.dean on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by lopez.dean
Hi, can anyone clear up as to why, when I configure the USART2 interrupt  using the STM32CubeMX utility, the intialization code it generates calls functions in stm32l1xx_hal_uart.c instead of stm32l1xx_hal_usart.c?  I am surprised at this since I am configuring a USART perhiperal, not one of the UART perhiperals.

I see no difference between the data structures USART_HandleTypeDef and UART_HandleTypeDef, but the generated initialization code seems to prefer the latter for use.

Is there a document (other than the code modules themselves) that explains the difference between the UART functions compared with the USART modules?