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STM32F4 - can bus Id filters configuration

Question asked by alem_ on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by alem_
Hello everyone, I'm working with STM32F415RGT6. I need to setup the can filtering so as to get all messages which source address (I need to work with extended IDs) is different from a given one, discarded (by hardware). I'm trying to do that using the CAN_FilterConfTypeDef structure. I've had a look at the documentation (API documentation and MCU user manual), but I don't understand how the incoming message filtering works. For instance, let's suppose I need to receive messages which source address is 0x33. How should I configure the FilterIdHigh, FilterIdLow, FilterMaskIdHigh, and FilterMaskIdLow fields of the CAN_FilterConfTypeDef structure? A broader explanation of how the filtering works would also be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.