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STM32 Forum discussions not accessible

Question asked by Amel N Employee on Jan 22, 2016

The discussions in the [DEAD LINK /public/STe2ecommunities/mcu/Lists/cortex_mx_stm32/AllItems.aspx]STM32 forum are not accessible now.
This problem is under investigation and will be fixed soon.
Meanwhile, you may use forums "[DEAD LINK /public/STe2ecommunities/mcu/Lists/STM32Java/AllItems.aspx]STM32 Software Tools and Firmware" and "[DEAD LINK /public/STe2ecommunities/mcu/Lists/STM32Discovery/AllItems.aspx]STM32 Evaluation Tools" to submit your problems.

We will keep you informed as soon as the problem is fixed.

Sorry for such inconvenience.

Best Regards