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STM32L152 - Idd measure with voltmeter

Question asked by SiCode on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by Clive One

I try to test my firmware on STM32L152-Discovery. I'm creating low power application with ADC and SD card. Everything works perfectly, but now it's time for current reduction. When there is no need to do ADC conversion i'm putting MCU into STANDBY mode and seems to be OK. I'm looking at the schematics and i'm trying figure it out how to measure current during ADC converison, when MCU is awake. I think that i should measure it on SB2 (near JP1), with JP1 jumper set to ON. 
Now system is configured like below:
- ADC in conitunous mode, 8bit resolution, sampling 10kHz without delay between.
- DMA used for data transfer with HalfTransfer and Transfer Complete Interrupt enabled
- SD card is enabled but there is no r/w on it.
- systick running
- all I/O except WAKEUP button are in AN mode without pullup
- when there is no dma interrupt device is put to PWR_EnterSleepMode(PWR_Regulator_ON, PWR_SLEEPEntry_WFI)

And for this configuration i got on voltmeter 0.380mV. Now there is general question: How to recalculate this value to current? Can I simply just replace 0.380mV at 3.8 mA? Or maybe 0.38mA? Maybe any one could tell, how much idd i should expect?