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CubeMX Generates different FSMC pinout then BSP for STM3240G-EVAL

Question asked by lorthioir.kenneth on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by STM32Cube-T

I am attempting to use the STM32CubeMX to generate a base project for the STM3240G-EVAL, specifically attempting to use the evaluations boards LCD. However when I enable the FSMC in CubeMX and configure it, the pins it assigns are in a different order then what the BSP and demonstration firmware use. I am unable to modify the arrangement of the pins, effectively making the code CubeMX generates useless.  I have also tried enabling "Initialize all IP with their default Mode" when selecting the STM3240G-EVAL in the board selector and get the same pinout.

Is there a way to change the assigned FSMC pins with CubeMX, or is this a bug in the definition file for the board that can be resolved?

Pinout from STM3240G-EVAL Spec Sheet for LCD:


Pinout generated from STM32CubeMX:

/** FSMC GPIO Configuration 
  PE3   ------> FSMC_A19
  PE1   ------> FSMC_NBL1
  PE0   ------> FSMC_NBL0
  PD7   ------> FSMC_NE1
  PE4   ------> FSMC_A20
  PB7   ------> FSMC_NL
  PG10   ------> FSMC_NE3
  PD6   ------> FSMC_NWAIT
  PD0   ------> FSMC_D2
  PG9   ------> FSMC_NE2
  PD5   ------> FSMC_NWE
  PD1   ------> FSMC_D3
  PD4   ------> FSMC_NOE
  PD3   ------> FSMC_CLK
  PF0   ------> FSMC_A0
  PF2   ------> FSMC_A2
  PF1   ------> FSMC_A1
  PF3   ------> FSMC_A3
  PF4   ------> FSMC_A4
  PF5   ------> FSMC_A5
  PG5   ------> FSMC_A15
  PG4   ------> FSMC_A14
  PG3   ------> FSMC_A13
  PD15   ------> FSMC_D1
  PG2   ------> FSMC_A12
  PG1   ------> FSMC_A11
  PD14   ------> FSMC_D0
  PD13   ------> FSMC_A18
  PF13   ------> FSMC_A7
  PG0   ------> FSMC_A10
  PE13   ------> FSMC_D10
  PD12   ------> FSMC_A17
  PD11   ------> FSMC_A16
  PD10   ------> FSMC_D15
  PF12   ------> FSMC_A6
  PF15   ------> FSMC_A9
  PE8   ------> FSMC_D5
  PE9   ------> FSMC_D6
  PE11   ------> FSMC_D8
  PE14   ------> FSMC_D11
  PD9   ------> FSMC_D14
  PD8   ------> FSMC_D13
  PF14   ------> FSMC_A8
  PE7   ------> FSMC_D4
  PE10   ------> FSMC_D7
  PE12   ------> FSMC_D9
  PE15   ------> FSMC_D12