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Which interface to use for sending Data to STM32 Nucleo at High SPeed from PC

Question asked by p.raul on Jan 20, 2016
Which interface will be faster to send data(binary, string,etc) to STM32 Nucleo.(F4 preferrably).The data is to be read from the log file and send to the Nucleo Board.
Uart has the maximum speed of 921600
 Which mode can be used - Uart with Interrupt?
                                         Uart with DMA Polling?
A VCOM application ?
I2C  - 400Khz,but  how a PC application couldbe tested on it.
USB - Usb Application on Windows.
or i2c or USB HID - Max 64 kB per milli second.

Kindly advice and point to the link or sample code for the same.I have downloaded the STM32F4 nucleo package and found UART application example and Stand Alone HID example(not for STM32 and PC connection )
Thanks and Best rgds,