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Show .emf Movie

Question asked by jahn.falko on Jan 20, 2016
i try to create a movie by using a file which is not available in addressable RAM or ROM.
The file is stored on USB. I use this funktion:

int MS_GetData(void * p, const U8 ** ppData, unsigned NumBytesReq, U32 Off)
volatile uint32_t offset = Off;
volatile uint32_t bytesReq = NumBytesReq;

unsigned int NumBytesRead;
FIL * phFile;

phFile = (FIL *)p;

/* Set file pointer to the required position */
f_lseek(phFile, Off);

/* Read data into buffer */
f_read(phFile, (U8 *)*ppData, NumBytesReq, &NumBytesRead);

printf("_GetData:\n offset: %d\nbytesReq: %d\nNumBytesRead: %d \n", offset, bytesReq, NumBytesRead);
printf("FREE_BYTES: %d\n", GUI_ALLOC_GetNumFreeBytes());
printf("USED_BYTES: %d\n", GUI_ALLOC_GetNumUsedBytes());
/* Return number of available bytes */
return NumBytesRead;

It works with smaller videos without any problems. But videos with the resolution of 790x310 will not be displayed.
They only show the first frame and end up in the BusFaultHandler.

Does somebody has any idea?