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Newbie STR710 prgm s/w tools?

Question asked by GertJL on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Clive One
Hi All, 
 First, I am completely new to ST Micro devices.
  My experience is with microchip/atmel.

It is my hope that by joining & posting on this forum,
 I can learn and grow with this procc family.

 I recently received a PCB populated with a STR710FZ2T6 device
The PCB has some i/o eg leds and switches onboard, type of a eval board I guess.
 Well, I would in fact like to use it to eval this proc.

Onboard is also a RS232 port (TX/RX only),
  connected to Pin1 (P0.11) and Pin2 (P0.10)

I know that it is working because on Power-On, I receive a
sign-on msg 'Connected' and when I press spacebar, response is '!'
  Comms params 4800/8/n/1

On Power-up I observe that 2 leds blink alt on/off.  So I assume the brd is functional.

I would like to know if there is windows s/w available to prgrm the procc,
  with my future test code, via the existing RS232, like having  boot-loader onboard?

If the existing RS232-port cannot be used for programming the device,
 which port/configuration and s/w tool is std to be used to prgm the device?
   Recommended circuit for prgm and the required s/w prgm module?
There is proto space available on the brd, so I can solder on comp/conn
to make-up a prgm port interface.

At this time I don't want to buy a prgmer/debugger/sw for my inital eval, until
I can at least get a led to blink  with my code. ~)

 Therefore, I am  hoping that there is a 'freeware/public domain' prgm sw tool available?

Any pointers or advise will be appreciated.

Thank you.